TRAVELIN' GUITAR MAN.... 2017 Album by Daniel T. Coates


1. Travelin' Guitar Man 1:29
Daniel T. Coates




2.Rollin' Along 2:26
Daniel T. Coates


3. Lets Get Back 3:04
Daniel T. Coates


4.Big Big Storm 3:34
Daniel T. Coates


5. She Just Started Liking Cheatin' Songs 2:40


Kent Robbins (Warner Brothers/ Hall Clement Publication)




6. The Street Where We Once Lived 3:47


Daniel T. Coates




7. Charlie's Lost Highway At Hobo Heaven 3:15


Daniel T. Coates




8. This Is As Far As We Go 3:33


Daniel T. Coates




9. If It Hadn't Been For Love 3:30


Chris Stapelton & M. J. Henderson


(EMI Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.)




10. Travelin' Man 2:47


Jerry Fuller (Golden West Melodies Inc)




11. Till I Hear You're Dead 2:46


Daniel T. Coates




12. You Never Can Tell 4:23


Chuck Berry (Arc Music Corp. BMI)




13. Witchita Lineman 3:35


Jimmy Webb (Universal Music Publishing)




14. Hot Rod Lincoln 2:58


Charlie Ryan, W.S.Stevenson (SONY/ATV ACUFF ROSE )




15. Chester County 5:09


Daniel T. Coates (Rosewood)




16. Why Don't You Love Me Like You Used To Do 2.35


Hank Hiram Williams (Sony/ATV Acuff Rose)




17. Whoever You Love 4:27


Daniel T. Coates




18. Lost Highway (SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT) 3:57



Leon Payne




Drummers Gregg Stocki and Clemens Schirmer, Didi Waechtler on Steel Guitar, Gabor Bardfalvi on Bass and guests Aaron Till on Fiddle and Thomas Schoenheiter on Accordion... Special guest Mr. CHARLIE MCCOY on harmonica...16 page booklet...all kinds of good country music.. available August 1, 2017!










Produced by Daniel T. Coates


Arrangements by DT. Coates




Chester County recorded in Stammbach, Germany by Gerd Frass




Charlie McCoy recorded by Bruce Gaitsch outside Nashville




All other recording done by Dan at his Barn Studio in Ueschersdorf, Germany




Mastering and some mixing by Wolfgang Reiss in Wirsberg, Germany




Cover Photography by Gabor Bardfalvi


Grafic Design by Lonnie Dale