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photo by Tammy Burri

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Available April 14, 2022


FANS' FAVORITES II has hatched!! But its no duck! 18 Songs that you (and I) requested..Easy to order 16,50 Euros! paypal.me/DanielTCoates Song samples here! The pickers are Aaron Till, Clemens Shirmer, Helmut Limbeck, Gabor Bardfalvi, Dietmar Waechtler, Ryan Spacht, Thomas Schoenheiter, Jürgen Biller Listen & Order! BESTELLEN! Some film clips are from Cebu, Philippines, a beautiful place where I went to play some music, drive car like an Asian, write songs...and get a haircut.

MAY 2022


*Thursday, 12. Hasselfelde "PULLMAN CITY HARZ" Duo


*Friday, 13. Hasselfelde "PULLMAN CITY HARZ" Band with Gabor,  Andy Kupfer & .....


*Samstag 21. Schonungen "PRIVATE BIRTHDAY Helga" Trio with Gabor and...


*Saturday, 28. Dormitz "SPORTHEIM" Trio with Gabor B. and Clemens Schirmer  ca 20h


*Sunday. 29. Ueschersdorf "LINDENFEST" 14-18 h Trio with Clemens and Gabor  (still not 100% certain)

The power of a classic rock trio can never be outdone. Powerhouse Clemens Schirmer and Driver Gabe Bardfalvi back up anything Coates tosses their way.

JUNE 2022


 *Friday, 03. Geiselwind "COUNTRY TRUCKERFEST" with Band featuring Gabor, Clemens and Thomas Schoenheiter.... Open Air Stage 19-23h


*Saturday .04. Geiselwind "COUNTRY TRUCKERFEST" with Band featuring Gabor, Clemens and Thomas.... 21:30  23:30h


 *Saturday, 11. Denmark, Maglehojvej 59 4913 Horslunde "COUNTRY FESTIVAL" Duo with Gabor Bardfalvi 15-18:30h


*Wednesday, 15 EGING AM SEE "PULLMAN CITY"  Mainstreet /18.00 – 22.00 h / Duo


*Thursday, 16. EGING AM SEE "PULLMAN CITY"  Mainstreet /

18.00 – 22.00 h / Duo


*Sunday, 26. Landau an d Isar "COUNTRY NIGHT" in the tent  Trio with Gabor and Clemens 19-22h


CANCELLED!  Private in Massbach... Birthday party with Gabor and Clemens  


Gabor Bardfalvi comes from deep in the land of the Magyar, Szeged Hungary. He loves playing Coates's style of Americana music and has grown in style as a country bassman and rockabilly slapper over the years. He is on Dan's albums and has become a fine harmony singer. On board since 1996!

Mighty happy to have HELMUT LIMBECK on board for as many shows as he is available! He also works with his legendary bluegrass group Helmut & The Hillbillies (40 years) who in their hayday won bluegrass competitions resulting in an invitation to play in the USA. 


Years of working with Cripple Creek and Just Country Lite make him a known entity in the music scene.  He is a great fan of Bill Monroe and his bluegrass contemporaries like Jimmy Martin as well as George Jones. Mandolin, fiddle, blues harp and guitar (speed flatpicker) are his main instruments.


Helmut is featured on FANS' FAVORITES II on harp, mandoline and backing vocals as well as having a Limbeck/Coates originalo "THINKING OF BILL" on the album.

GREGG STOCKI is a  Nashville drummer who in 2022, did a country music cruise playing for the BELLAMY BROTHERS. His other workplaces were behind the drums for MARTY STUART, TRACY LAWRENCE, JOHNNY CASH, CHERYL CROW and many others.

This will be Gregg's first time back with Daniel T. Coates since 2019.

JULY 2022

*Friday, 01. Bad Koenigshofen "EBNER BIERGARTEN" 18 - 22h


*Saturday, 02. Unfinden, "SCHWARZER ADLER" Biergarten BBQ with Gregg Stocki and Gabor B. 18


*Sunday, 03. Hegnabrunn "CHARLY'S BARN" 16 - 19 h Trio with Gregg Stocki and Gabor


*Wednesday, 06. Staffelstein "STAFFELSTEINER HOF" Trio with Gabor & Gregg Stocki 18:30-22


*Friday, 08. Koetz "GUENZHALLE" Band (Koetz Country Friends Anniversary) with Gregg Stocki, Gabor, Thomas S., Dietmar Waechtler


*Saturday, 09.   DAY OF REST!!! unless a fantastic offer comes in..


*Sunday, 10. Hasselfelde "PULLMAN CITY HARZ" with Gabor & Gregg 19-23


*Monday,11. Hasselfelde "PULLMAN CITY HARZ" with Gabor & Gregg 19-23


Wednesday, 13. Birkach, "KLEINE HOFCAFE" Trio with Gabor & Gregg (probably 18 h)


*Thursday, 14. Miltenberg, "FAUST BIERGARTEN" 17-21h with Gabor and Gregg Stocki   Löwengasse 3, Miltenberg, 63897


*Friday, 15. Mossautal "GABOR'S STREET PARTY" Trio with Gregg Stocki & Gabor 18-22h Ihrigstr. 13


*Saturday, 16. Eging am See "PULLMAN CITY"  18-22h with Gabor, Gregg and...


*Sunday 17. Eging am See "PULLMAN CITY"  18-22h with Gregg and Gabor


*Thursday, 28. Schleussingen "RATSCHER COUNTRY FEST"on the Terasse with Gabor Bardfalvi


*Friday, 29. Schleussingen "RATSCHER COUNTRY FEST" stage with Gabor

Clemens Schirmer and Dan met doing Gigs in Louisianna's Man Helt Oncale's Band in the 1990's. Happy to have the inventor of Schirmer Bamboos doing most of the Drumwork in both the power Trio and Band. He is sponsored by TROJAN drums.



*Wednesday, 10. EGING AM SEE "PULLMAN CITY"  Mainstreet /

18.00 – 22.00 h / Duo


*Thursday, 11.EGING AM SEE "PULLMAN CITY"  Mainstreet /

18.00 – 22.00 h / Duo


*Monday, 22. EGING AM SEE "PULLMAN CITY"  Mainstreet /

18.00 – 22.00 h / Duo


*Tuesday, 23. EGING AM SEE "PULLMAN CITY"  Mainstreet /

18.00 – 22.00 h / Duo


*Wednesday, 24. Hasselfelde "PULLMAN CITY HARZ" with Gabor 19-23


*Thursday, 25. Hasselfelde "PULLMAN CITY HARZ" with Gabor



*Saturday, 27. Birkach "Katrin & Jan" Wedding party (private) trio with Gabor and ?



an online Album by Daniel T. Coates



Available for streaming and downloading! 





13 fun, sentimental, original, covered songs! Some with the full band and some acoustic.





Featuring the greatest pickers still alive! Aaron Till, Clemens Schirmer, Gregg Stocki, Dietmar Waechtler and Gabor Bardfalvi.

















  1951 Pontiac..photographed in New Jersey....



*Sunday, 04. Staffelstein "STAFFELSTEINER HOF" 17-21h


*Thursday, 08. Miltenberg "FAUST" Duo with Gabor 17h   Löwengasse 3, Miltenberg, 63897


*Saturday, 17. Juechen  "PRIVATE PARTY" with Gabor and Andy K.


*Saturday, 24, Rommelshausen, Kernen CCB Country Night with Band: Gabor B. Clemens Schirmer and Helmut Limbeck


29sep -4 oct  no g



*Saturday, 15. Birthday in Algoy (Roethenbach) with Band: Helmut, Clemens, Gabor  PRIVATE for Joerg


*Sunday, 23. Hasselfelde "PULLMAN CITY HARZ" Duo w Gabor 


*Monday, 24. Hasselfelde "PULLMAN CITY HARZ" with Gabor 19-23


- oct 4 no g



*Saturday, 19. Moenchengladbach "COUNTRY PARTY" Eickenhalle with Band featuring Gabor and Andy Kupfer


*Sunday, 20. Corinna's House Jam with Gabor


*Friday, 25. Leer with Gabor and Sievert


*Saturday, 26. Leer with Gabor and Sievert


10-15 no g



*Saturday, 03. Switzerland, Bern "SANDIE'S HONKY TONK SALOON" Trio with Gabor and Clemens


*Saturday, 10. Vogelsdorf (outside Berlin) "CHRISTMAS SHOW" Trio with Gabor and Helmut 


*Friday, 23. Eging am See "PULLMAN CITY" Band  20.30 – 00.30


*Saturday, 24. Eging am See "PULLMAN CITY" Band  20.30 – 00.30






*Sunday, 01. Eging am See "PULLMAN CITY" Band 




*Wednesday, 01. Stammheim GOLDEN NUGGET with Gabor

JULY 2023


*Saturday, 22. Memmelsdorf "Private Gardenparty" Band