updated August 2., 2020

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photo by Tammy Burri

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Gabor Bardfalvi comes from deep in the land of the Magyar, Szeged Hungary. He loves playing Coates's style of Americana music and has grown in style as a country bassman and rockabilly slapper over the years. He is on Dan's albums and has become a fine harmony singer. On board since 1996!

MAY 2020


*Friday, 22. Eging Am See "PULLMAN CITY 1" Duo with Gabor Bardfalvi 15-19h on Mainstreet


*Friday, 29. Hasselfelde "PULLMAN CITY HARZ" Duo with Gabor Bardfalvi


*Saturday, 30. Hasselfelde "PULLMAN CITY HARZ" Duo with Gabor Bardfalvi

JUNE 2020



*Thursday, 11. Eging am See  "PULLMAN CITY EGING" Mainstreet 


*Friday, 12. Eging Am See "PULLMAN CITY EGING" Mainstreet

Clemens Schirmer and Dan met doing Gigs in Louisianna's Man Helt Oncale's Band in the 1990's. Happy to have the inventor of Schirmer Bamboos doing most of the Drumwork in both the power Trio and Band. He is sponsored by TROJAN drums.



*Sunday, 14. Hasselfelde "SALOON" with  Gabor Bardfalvi


*Monday, 15. Hasselfelde "SALOON" with  Gabor B.


POSTPONED!! to 24. June!!*Wednesday, 17. Miltenberg "FAUSTSTUEBLE" changed to June 24!! 


*Wednesday, 24. Miltenberg "FAUSTSTUEBLE" with  Gabor B.    17h   

JULY 2020


cancelled!!!!*Wednesday, 01. Bad Staffelstein cancelled!


*Friday, 10. Eging Am See "PULLMAN CITY" Trio with  Gabor Bardfalvi  COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL  Hudson Bay Stage sharing the stage with Willie Jones!


*Saturday11. Greifensteine "COUNTRY EVENTDuo with Gabor


Private!  *Sunday, 12. Hammer "UDO'S LOVE SHACK" Trio with Rudi Ziss and Gabor afternooon around 14h  by invitation only! 


*Monday, 13. Eging Am See "PULLMAN CITY" with Gabor 18:00 - 22:00h


*Tuesday, 14. Eging Am See "PULLMAN CITY" with Gabor  

16:30 - 17:30 h   / 19:30  – 22:00 h


RESCHEDULED to Wednesday, JULY 22!!!!!! *Wednesday, 15. Miltenberg "FAUSTSTUEBLE" with  Gabor B.    17h  


 *Monday, 20. Hasselfelde "SALOON" with  Gabor Bardfalvi


*Tuesday, 21. Hasselfelde "SALOON" with  Gabor Bardfalvi


*Wednesday, 22. Miltenberg "FAUSTSTUEBLE" with  Gabor B.    17h   


private!*Sunday, 26. "CHARLY'S MOUNTAIN" 18 o'clock...

request! Please no dogs this year... thanks!



The power of a classic rock trio can never be outdone. Powerhouse Clemens Schirmer and Driver Gabe Bardfalvi back up anything Coates tosses their way.
















  1951 Pontiac..photographed in New Jersey....


*Saturday, 01. Eging Am See "PULLMAN CITY" Trio with ? and Gabor Bardfalvi


 PRIVATE!  *Saturday, 08. Hochzeitscheune in 96257 Redwutz with Clemens & Gabor (21h)


*Wednesday, 12. Eging Am See "PULLMAN CITY" Duo with Gabor Bardfalvi


*Thursday, 13. Eging Am See "PULLMAN CITY" Duo with Gabor Bardfalvi



*Wednesday, 26. Hasselfelde "SALOON" with Gabor Bardfalvi


*Thursday, 27. Hasselfelde "SALOON" with Gabor Bardfalvi




*Friday, 04. Hasselfelde "PULLMAN CITY" Dancehall with Thomas Schoenheiter, Gabor Bardfalvi and...


*Sunday, 13. Hasselfelde "SALOON" with Gabor Bardfalvi


*Monday, 14. Hasselfelde "SALOON" with Gabor Bardfalvi




?*Saturday, 10. Untermeitingen "FOUR CORNERS" private party Duo with Gabor


???*Friday, 16. Unfinden "SCHWAZRER ADLER" Trio with Gabor Bardfalvi and...


*Saturday, 17. Austria-Vienna Kulturforum Brigittenau "JOHNNY CASH NIGHT" with Band featuring Gabor Bardfalvi, Dietmar Waechtler and Clemens Schirmer   18h to 23h   1200 Vienna Raffaelgasse 11-13

Walter Nevada moderating..



*Saturday, 07. "THOMMY'S 25 YEAR HAT PARTY" with Gabor, Sebbo and others...


*Saturday, 14. Eging Am See "PULLMAN CITY" Band with Gabor Bardfalvi, Clemens Schirmer and Dietmar Waechtler... 15-17:30h


*Sunday, 15. Eging Am See "PULLMAN CITY" Band with Gabor Bardfalvi, Clemens Schirmer  and Dietmar Waechtler.. 15-17:30h






*Saturday, 21. Moenchengladbach, "EICKENHALLE" 69r Country Party with band: Andy Kupfer, Dietmar Waechtler, Gabor Bardfalvi and special guest  Eickener Strasse 165 in 41063 Moenchengladbach  


*Sunday, 22.  Corinna gig! Trio with Gabor and Dietmar! Afternoon





*Saturday. 04. Switzerland-Bern "SANDIE'S HONKYTONK" Trio with Clemens Schirmer and Gabor Bardfalvi


*Monday, 23. Eging Am See "PULLMAN CITY" Duo with ....


*Tuesday, 24. Eging Am See "PULLMAN CITY" Duo with ....


*Thursday, 31. NEW YEARS EVE with Band

2021 2021 2021 2021




*Friday, 01. Eging Am See "PULLMAN CITY" Band with Clemens, Gabor Bardfalvi and



*Wednesday, 03. Stammheim "GOLDEN NUGGET SALOON" with Gabor 


MAY 2021


Geiselwind, "TRUCKER & COUNTRY FESTIVAL"  with Dietmar Waechtler, Gabor Bardfalvi, Clemens Schirmer

JUNE 2021

JULY 2021


Friday, 30. Greifensteine "COUNTRY FESTIVAL" with Band: Dietmar Waechtler, Gabor Bardfalvi, Gregg or Clemens!


*Saturday, 07. Denmark, 4894 Øster Ulslev  "Storstrømmens Country Festival" Band with Clemens Schirmer or Gregg Stocki, Gabor Bardfalvi and...     17-18:30h
Svinget 4, 4894 Øster Ulslev



*Saturday, 25, Rommelshausen, Kernen CCB Country Night with Band: Gabor B. Clemens Schirmer and Dietmar Waechtler